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Whether it’s partnering to implement programs, participate in events and knowledge sharing, or connecting with new networks and funding opportunities, Pro Mujer partners help us build the solutions necessary to close the gender gap and advance gender equality.

You can also make an impact through our employee engagement programs*.

* E.g. corporate volunteering, pro bono consultancies, in-kind donations, etc.


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Pro Mujer seeks opportunities to collaborate on research, knowledge creation, and resource sharing with researchers and professionals. We also support students who wish to experience their fellowship, internship, or capstone program in an organization like ours.


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Pro Mujer offers a range of resources, trainings, workshops, and technical assistance to help other institutions better understand gender and the implications of gender equity to solve the world’s greatest problems. We support institutions that want to integrate gender-sensitive strategies into their daily operations through our collection of resources and tools. Pro Mujer is also available to co-create tailor-made strategies for mainstreaming gender through our consultancy services.


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Your contribution supports Pro Mujer’s work to provide access to finance, health, and training opportunities that empower women across Latin America.