Pro Mujer and Pfizer Team Up Against Breast Cancer

11 febrero, 2022


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the main cause of mortality in women around the world and, in Mexico, a woman dies from the disease every two hours. To address this challenge, Pro Mujer and Pfizer announced a partnership in December 2021 to reduce the barriers that prevent women from receiving early diagnoses and treatment for breast cancer through the launch of a crowdfunding platform. Through this platform, women diagnosed with breast cancer who do not have the resources to pay for their treatments will be able to publish their stories and request financial support.  

“At Pro Mujer, we approach breast cancer in a comprehensive way,” said Natalia Wills, Country Representative for Pro Mujer in Mexico. “We are taking steps to make Latin American women aware of the importance of breast cancer prevention and are facilitating their access to preventive screenings, timely detection and corresponding treatment. As a result, we are honored to be able to count on the support of Pfizer, which will allow us to connect many women who do not currently have resources with access to treatment.” 

Drawing on its over 30 years of experience, Pro Mujer supports women with breast cancer from the moment of diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up care and, in this project, will advise them as they develop their communication and fundraising campaigns. Thanks to financial support and promotion by Pfizer, Pro Mujer hopes to be able to use this platform as a way to provide even more women with access to the treatment they need to overcome breast cancer. 

Learn more and contribute now to the fundraising campaigns of women who need financial support for breast cancer treatment in Latin America.