Increasing Access to COVID-19 Vaccines in Argentina

27 septiembre, 2021

Argentina, Health

In Argentina, Pro Mujer is working with the Ministry of Health to vaccinate patients against COVID-19.

At first, Miguel Colque, Daniela Salas and Rosa Salas, three patients of the Pro Mujer health center in Salta, Argentina, were hesitant to get vaccinated against COVID-19. They had heard a lot of competing opinions about the vaccines and did not know who to trust for safe and accurate information. However, after talking to the Pro Mujer health center team, they felt confident that they had all the information that they needed to make the choice to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“It is nice to know that we can all protect ourselves by getting the vaccine and there is no need to be afraid if you do not trust it,” said Colque. “It is only a pinch and nothing else – only a pinch and we know we are protected.”

In partnership with the Ministry of Health in Salta, Argentina, the Pro Mujer health care center began offering COVID-19 vaccinations from the ministry to staff members and people who use Pro Mujer services and their families, decreasing wait times and expanding coverage. Having vaccinated 130 people on September 6, 2021, the local Pro Mujer health care team is working hard to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine by offering virtual counseling and services and sending out communications to those who may be hesitant or lack access to health care services. With only 55.6% of Argentina’s population vaccinated against COVID-19 as of September 2021, continuing to conduct outreach to hard-to-reach populations about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination is essential to ending the pandemic.

“As part of the health team, I feel great satisfaction in being able to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and with the community in this campaign to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine and encourage people to get vaccinated,” said Yanina Rojas, a health adviser at Pro Mujer. “I believe that our patients, Pro Mujer staff and the general public were very grateful for the campaign carried out, as many expressed their gratitude to us for this initiative.”

As Pro Mujer continues to partner with ministries of health and communities across Latin America to address the challenges of the pandemic, it hopes to be able to provide more COVID-19 vaccinations to more patients and continue offering preventive health care. In doing so, Pro Mujer is fulfilling its mission to empower women and advance gender equality by providing access to health services to women and their families so they can lead longer, healthier lives.

“I got vaccinated against COVID-19 and to me it already seems like something very, very good thanks to the initiative of Pro Mujer and every good institution that is working to prevent all of us from getting this disease,” said Colque.

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