Pro Mujer Women in Argentina Learn English with New Mobile App

12 junio, 2018


Pro Mujer Vision Education - AppPro Mujer, a mission-driven social enterprise focused on empowering women and their families in Latin America, announced today a partnership with German initiative Vision Education to launch the mobile app LearnMatch for Pro Mujer beneficiaries in Argentina. The app, developed by Vision Education, allows users to learn vocabulary in a foreign language while playing virtual football.

The pilot project has been launched to 100 women, beneficiaries of Pro Mujer in Argentina. Participants can download the LearnMatch application on their mobile devices to begin playing and learning vocabulary in English. At the same time, players will receive key messages to help raise awareness on issues related to health and well-being.

“Pro Mujer offers opportunities to reduce the gender gap in Latin America, which even in 2018, remains wide. Our partnership with Vision Education allows us to explore applications for learning to educate and raise awareness around issues related to women’s development and well-being. We are betting on the value of technologies that combine didactic teaching and play in order to educate,” comments Maria Cavalcanti, President and CEO of Pro Mujer.