Pro Mujer in Peru Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary and Prepares for a Bright Future

14 mayo, 2012

Blog, Voices from the Field

By Paola Fattorini, Communications Manager, Pro Mujer in Peru

With the lessons learned following our founding in Bolivia in 1990 and starting operations in Nicaragua in 1996, Pro Mujer began operations in Peru in 1999. In April, Pro Mujer in Peru (PMP) celebrated 12 years of providing integrated financial, training and health services to thousands of women in the southern part of the country.

Over the course of our 12 years, PMP has made significant improvements to our infrastructure; but our most important achievement is the high quality of service we continue to provide to our clients. This is what will allow us to continue to support the development of PMP, and truly establish ourselves as a leading women’s development institution in this country. We have already achieved significant growth as evidenced by a 88% increase in PMP’s credit portfolio in 2011.

We recognize that microfinance alone does not eliminate poverty, and this growth will help us continue providing vital training and health services to our clients, both of which are essential to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our reach has moved far beyond the local level. One of the major goals outlined in our organizational strategic plan is to expand into the center and north of the country. In order to accomplish this, we will need to concentrate our efforts in new regions – Huánuco, Ancash, Cerro de Pasco, Ucayali, Cajamarca, Piura and Tumbes.

PMP’s current geographic footprint is highlighted in red and the logos in blue indicate our projected expansion.

In order to continue to position ourselves on the national stage, we will be opening a new office in Lima, the capital.

According to Naldi Delgado, General Director of Pro Mujer in Peru:

“The purpose of the Lima office is that management will focus on consolidating our strategic growth and ensure better communication with key contacts such as investors, donors and journalists who reside in Lima. Our presence in the capital will better position us as an established institution with national and international ties.”

For Pro Mujer, this is just one more step on the path to expanding into more cities to reach many more women, their children and their family members.

Stay tuned for information around our grand opening in Lima!