Pro Mujer Expands Operations to Reach Cajamarca and Chimbote in Northern Peru

17 diciembre, 2012

Blog, Voices from the Field

By Paola Fattorini Rodriguez, Communications Manager, Pro Mujer in Peru

In line with our multi-year (2012-2014) strategic plan in Peru, we recently expanded our operations in the north of the country with two new centers in the regions of Chimbote and Cajamarca.

Pro Mujer centers are safe and supportive environments designed for women where we deliver our integrated services. In these centers, Pro Mujer credit officers lead invaluable health and human development workshops prior to facilitating communal bank repayment/disbursement meetings.

A Pro Mujer credit officer assists members of a communal bank group.

A Pro Mujer credit officer assists members of a communal bank group.

Cajamarca is a region of stark inequalities. According to figures provided by the Peruvian Department of Finance, it was one of 5 regions that received the most resources between 2007 and 2011; however, it has still not managed to move from the list of the 10 regions with the highest rate of poverty, according to the latest report conducted by the National Institute for Statistics and Information Technology.

The sprawling city of Cajamarca, Peru.

The sprawling city of Cajamarca, Peru

Cajamarca FACHADA

Our newest center in Cajamarca

Meanwhile, Chimbote, a center of commercial activity, has provided a space for microfinance institutions to propel the growth of small businesses. Yet there are segments of the population that still lack basic access to financial and health services.

Olenka Rodriguez, Manager of the Chimbote center, explained that her team is getting stronger each day, and that even though the work is challenging, there is strength in numbers.

CF Chimbote 1

The new team in Chimbote.

Olenka continues, “The women of Chimbote are in particular need of health services, which we plan to provide through health campaigns and consultations in our centers.”

Congratulations to Pro Mujer and our best wishes for Chimbote and Cajamarca!