Pro Mujer commemorates 10th anniversary in Jujuy; celebrates renewed alliance with GSK

24 agosto, 2016

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This week marks 10 years of service in the region of Jujuy, Argentina, and one of the ways we celebrated was to announce our renewed alliance with GSK. Together, Pro Mujer and GSK will join forces once again to tackle chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, sexual and reproductive health, and breast and cervical cancers.

These diseases disproportionately impact low-income women like the many we serve. With GSK’s support, we will be able to deepen and expand our health care services – primary, diagnostic and dental care – to nearly 20,000 women over the next three years in our five centers across Salta, Jujuy and Tucuman.

This builds upon many of the successes from our 10-years in Argentina; Pro Mujer has been able to provide more than 49,000 women with nearly 100,000 health screenings.

A number of GSK Argentina representatives and journalists from around the country were on hand for today’s announcement, which also included tours of our centers and health spaces, meetings with clients and staff.

Pro Mujer Argentina workshop

Pro Mujer clients and their children in one of our Sesame Street designed rooms.

Their visit culminated with our “Week of Lights” events. This 2nd annual event is a series of client trainings on subjects like entrepreneurship, financial literacy, technology, and health and well-being. It is also an opportunity for clients to share their experiences and support one another.

Pro Mujer women in Argentina

Pro Mujer clients pose for a group photo at the “Week of Lights” event in Jujuy.

“We are all on a journey to reach our potential,” said Denise Ferreyra, Country Director for Pro Mujer in Argentina. “Trust – in ourselves and in others – is what helps propel us forward on this journey. In the last 10 years, Pro Mujer has provided women in Jujuy with the support, opportunities and tools they have needed to transform their lives, those of their children and their communities. This would have been very difficult to accomplish without the continued support of organizations like GSK and we are grateful to them for joining us on this journey.”

Pro Mujer Country Director Denise Ferreyra

Pro Mujer Country Director Denise Ferreyra speaks to members of the media who were on hand for today’s announcement.

GSK Argentina General Manager Rodolfo Civale added, “Our partnership with Pro Mujer in Argentina is six years old, and it is a reflection of GSK ‘s commitment to addressing health challenges. During this time, we have supported Pro Mujer in its tireless work to expand access to health services, to create healthy spaces initiatives, to develop health education and behavioral changes, and to train its health personnel, among other activities.”

Since our global partnership with GSK began in 2009, Pro Mujer has received nearly $1.2 million dollars in grants, in-kind donations and technical expertise from GSK across our six countries of operations.

To learn more about Pro Mujer and GSK’s work together, please click here.