Pro Mujer and GlaxoSmithKline Celebrate the Power of Women to Transform Generations

19 agosto, 2013

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By Rebecca Feinberg, Associate Development Manager at Pro Mujer

In Argentina, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) joined Pro Mujer to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Rigoberta Menchu Center in the San Francisco neighborhood in Salta. What had formerly been a cramped and ageing space had just gotten a facelift: the center was now doubled in size and had a brand-new infirmary with a full-time nurse. The Center, smelling of fresh paint and anticipation, buzzed with more than 50 excited Pro Mujer staff, clients, and their children, all eager to see the improvements to their Center.

PMAGSK event 2013

Pro Mujer and GlaxoSmithKline leadership welcome Pro Mujer clients to their newly renovated center.

Pro Mujer and GlaxoSmithKline have been working together to improve access to health services for women in northern Argentina since 2009. The pharmaceutical company has committed more than US $1 million to help Pro Mujer International roll out our innovative and financially sustainable new healthcare model across the five countries where we operate: Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua.

As a dedicated partner in Pro Mujer’s commitment to making primary care services more accessible to women in poor communities, GlaxoSmithKline’s General Manager for Argentina, Rodolfo Civale, said  “This is a very special day for GSK Argentina. We profoundly believe in the work that Pro Mujer does in our community and we consider our partnership a step forward, strengthening us as a company. By supporting these types of initiatives, GSK achieves its mission –  not only through its products –  but also by giving opportunities to women who,  as the heart of their families, give education and access to health services to their children”.

At Pro Mujer we believe that women have the power to fundamentally improve their lives and therefore the lives of their families and their communities. This generational impact was in full view during the opening of the Rigoberta Menchu Center where clients and their children were in attendance. During the event, Pro Mujer gave out awards to clients’ children who participated in a drawing contest called “Mi Familia con Pro Mujer” (“My Family with Pro Mujer”) where the children depicted what Pro Mujer means to their families.

First place went to 12-year-old Guido Cruz, whose drawing was painted as a mural on the wall of the Center (watch video below). Guido drew a picture of his mother in a flowing red cape and a suit of blue and red decorated with the letters “PM” for Pro Mujer.  When asked to describe what the painting meant to him, Guido spoke proudly of his mother. Having watched her grow a business and acquire newfound confidence as a Pro Mujer client, he said “She is just like Superwoman.”