Pro Mujer Celebrates “International Day of the Girl Child”

11 octubre, 2015

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“Empowerment of and investment in girls are key in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence, and in promoting and protecting the full and effective enjoyment of their human rights.”

-United Nations Resolution 66/170

Paula Urbina at work in Nicaragua.

Paula Urbina at work in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

By Julie Aguirre Whitted

Did you know that in 2011, the United Nations declared October 11 the official “International Day of the Girl Child“? Thanks to the power of social media, young women across the world are celebrating their power and potential. Pro Mujer couldn’t be more supportive of this special day of recognition. As a leading women’s development organization, Pro Mujer sees the power of women manifest in incredible ways everyday.

Paula Urbina, a Pro Mujer client in Nicaragua, makes Pro Mujer especially proud.  When Paula came to Pro Mujer, she was struggling to support her family with a small tortilla-making business based out of her home.  Her first loan from Pro Mujer was just $166, but it was enough for her to open a roadside stand. Quickly embraced by the community, Paula’s business was soon expanding.

Pro Mujer has helped Paula grow her business by offering educational and financial support. It’s also helped her stay healthy and strong by providing vital healthcare services that were able to detect and successfully treat inflammation that could have led to a more serious health issue.

Pro Mujer is proud to help more than a quarter million women put their children on better footing for the future.

Pro Mujer is proud to help more than a quarter million women put their children on better footing for the future.

Throughout her journey to success, Paula reinvested not only in her business, but also in her family and her family’s future. Her children are now thriving both at home and in school.

“I promised myself that I was going to build a better life for my children,” says Paula. “And these loans have helped me to make that miracle happen, to have all of my children studying.”

Pro Mujer sees women like Paula Urbina working hard, and investing in their families and businesses everyday.  Pro Mujer knows that when you help a mother, you’re helping her family, and when children see their mothers succeed, they’re right behind them taking their success one step further.  We celebrate Paula, her family, and girls around the world today, on “Day of the Girl Child,” and everyday!


In this blog post, we welcome Julie Aguirre Whitted, a communications professional who is volunteering her skills and time to help Pro Mujer.  We thank www.catchafire.org, a skills based volunteer matching site, for connecting us to generous and skilled professionals like Julie.