Bridging the digital gender gap: Pro Mujer joins the EQUALS Global Partnership

20 septiembre, 2018


Pro Mujer is a proud member of the EQUALS Global Partnership, a network of corporate, government and non-profit organizations working together to close the digital gender gap and promote equality for women in technology.

Pro Mujer joins UNESCO, UN Women, GSMA and the International Union of Technology, among other leading organizations, as members of the Digital Skills Coalition, advocating for digital skills to be taught to all children encouraging more girls to study STEM– science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Promoting digital literacy as a means of bridging the gender gap is a key priority for Pro Mujer. “Joining the EQUALS Global Partnership will be catalytic to our collective work in closing the digital gender divide in the Latin American region,” said the President and CEO of Pro Mujer, Maria Cavalcanti. Furthermore, “it is an honor to join as its first Latin American women’s organization. We look forward to representing the region and working with our new partners to bridge the global digital gender gap,” commented Diana de Castro, Pro Mujer’s Chief Alliance Officer.

Pro Mujer’s partnership with EQUALS represents a tremendous opportunity for our organization as we continue to expand our services to provide accessible digital skills trainings to the nearly 300,000 women we serve in Latin America. In the region, women are 25 percent less likely than their male counterparts to use digital services. Barriers include high cost, low connectivity, fear of new technologies, and a lack of skills.