A new alliance to improve health coverage for Mexican women

25 octubre, 2018

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Enfermeras Pro Mujer en capacitaciónA new alliance between Pro Mujer, a mission-driven social enterprise focused on empowering women and their families in Latin America, and the Maternal and Child Research Center of the Birth Study Group (CIMIGEN) expands women’s access to health services with more than 4,000 women in Mexico’s Iztapalapa and Tláhuac areas benefiting directly from the alliance.

CIMIGEN will train the health personnel of Pro Mujer in Mexico and will offer the opportunity for obstetric and perinatal nurses to carry out community work with the beneficiaries of Pro Mujer. At the same time, Pro Mujer will evaluate the development of a financing product for prenatal and delivery care services, and will also refer its clients to CIMIGEN’s hospital. In Mexico, Pro Mujer provides financial, health and training services to more than 46,000 women, many of whom work in the informal sector.

The project, initially planned for one year, will provide workshops for women on health issues that affect them throughout their lives, from adolescence to menopause. In addition to sensitivity and skills trainings, these workshops offer a valuable opportunity for the graduate students of the National School of Obstetric Nursing (ENEO-CIMIGEN) of the National Autonomous University (UNAM) to conduct field work with Pro Mujer patients who live in remote areas.

Lisa Ramon, health director of Pro Mujer comments, “This agreement formalizes a relationship between both entities, which will support our health personnel, while improving and expanding our services in the area of ​​maternal, reproductive and family planning. This alliance aligns with our global strategy of becoming a large-scale sustainable platform that provides relevant and transformative resources and tools to Latin American women throughout their lives. ”

Marisol del Campo Martínez, executive director of CIMIGEN, adds, “The alliance is an important milestone as an institution dedicated to the training of health professionals and the care of women of reproductive age in situations of vulnerability. It allows us to have a greater impact on the population.”

About Pro Mujer

Founded in 1990, Pro Mujer is a mission-driven social enterprise whose mandate is to become a large scale, sustainable platform that delivers relevant and transformative resources and tools to women in Latin America throughout their life cycle. Pro Mujer serves nearly 300,000 women, operating across five countries in Latin America, including Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Argentina. Pro Mujer offers financial, health and educational services and is expanding its services to include digital literacy, gender-based violence prevention, entrepreneurship and workforce development. For more information, visit http://www.promujer.org or follow on Twitter @promujer.


The Maternal Child Research Center of the Birth Study Group (CIMIGEN) is a non-profit private assistance institution, considered a model of high-quality maternal care. The program, which started in 1987 with the advisory of Dr. Eduardo Jurado Garcia and the direction of Dr. Carlos Vargas Garcia, is committed to addressing infant health and the prevention of birth defects through the assistance, research and training of health personnel.

For three decades, it has contributed to the reduction of maternal death, the timely detection and prevention of birth defects, the active participation of the family in the reproductive process, and overall satisfaction with the birth experience. Additionally, CIMIGen has contributed to the training of 21 generations of perinatal nurses with midwifery skills.