Alliance For Global Good Supports Our Health Program In Bolivia

7 enero, 2014

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Join us in ringing in the New Year at Pro Mujer! We are celebrating the announcement that we were one of the winners of the Alliance for Global Good’s Innovation Fund Round 2.

The Alliance for Global Good fosters solutions to pressing global problems by shaping partnerships between organizations and developing innovative and sustainable programs with the potential to create lasting change. Pro Mujer was chosen as one of the top six award-winners in 2013 among a pool of hundreds. The selection process included submitting a business plan and an in-person pitch session with a panel of experts. Pro Mujer will join the Alliance’s network of grantees that are innovators in the area of social change.

The Innovation Fund grant was awarded to Pro Mujer to support the launch of our new health care program in El Alto and La Paz, Bolivia. The program is now available to more than 25,000 women in this region where there is tremendous need for access to health care services. These offerings will expand upon our current health operations based in 64 health clinics across the country.

Bolivia Launch Party El Alto 3

Pro Mujer clients dance during the health care program’s launch party in El Alto.

In October, Pro Mujer celebrated the launch of the health care program with events in El Alto and La Paz that included group exercise, dancing, and traditional ceremonies. More than 1,000 Pro Mujer clients attended the launch party in El Alto, and about 600 Pro Mujer clients showed up at the launch party in La Paz.

Our clients are celebrating because they now have access to more high-impact health services at reduced rates, can use the health services at convenient on-site Pro Mujer clinics, and can even pay for the program using Pro Mujer’s microfinance products. This exciting new program is designed to be financially sustainable and is driven by the needs and demands of the women we serve. Through this model, Pro Mujer seeks to set the industry standard of linking microfinance to public health.

Bolivia Launch Party El Alto 4

Traditional Bolivian musicians perform during the health care program’s launch party in El Alto.

Within the first two months following the launch, Pro Mujer has sold more than 900 affordable and convenient health packages through the new program. In 2014, with the support of Alliance for Global Good and other partners, we will scale up the program in Bolivia and reach financial sustainability.

Follow our progress this New Year in reaching many more milestones towards our goal of women’s empowerment!