Success Stories: Emprende Pro Mujer Reaches More Than 1,100 Women in Southeast Mexico

8 May, 2023

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Just one year after launching in Southeast Mexico, the hybrid version of the Emprende Pro Mujer entrepreneurship skilling platform has reached more than 1,100+ women who report acquiring new business skills. 

Developed by subject-matter experts in 2022, the platform is designed to provide an intersectional solution that incorporates women’s lived experiences and realities and addresses the particular barriers that impact Indigenous women in rural areas. 

The final product includes in-person sessions led by an expert facilitator with prior experience working with vulnerable populations and online sessions conducted via WhatsApp. This social messaging app is accessible to women with limited connectivity and digital literacy.

The hybrid model also features materials in Indigenous languages to ensure that participants are able to understand key concepts. So far, the content has been translated into Yucatec Maya and Tseltal to explain concepts such as entrepreneurship, segmentation, innovation, and other business terms that appear throughout the program.

A total of 89% of participants successfully graduated from the hybrid program, and 90% made improvements to their business models. 

To learn more about the program’s impact, we invite you to explore the impact report from the first year of operations in Southeast Mexico.