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In more than 30 years we have:


Upskilled and created opportunities for 2+ million women

Emprende promujer

Our digital on-demand platform for women entrepreneurs who seek economic autonomy gives them confidence and independence to act in their daily lives and entrepreneurship environment. Latin American women can:

Access online educational resources that fit their learning style at any time, from any device, anywhere in the region.

Acquire digital, entrepreneurial, leadership, negotiation, finance and sales skills.

Connect with other women entrepreneurs in the region.

Find a mentor and gain insights from their experiences.

Receive personalized support for any stage of their entrepreneurial venture.

Network with Pro Mujer’s partners.

Discover new ways to access capital.

Create new market opportunities for their products and services.

You can also provide scholarships to women entrepreneurs supported by Emprende promujer, who:

Need entrepreneurial training

Did not finish their university degree and want to learn new skills

Left their careers and want to re-enter the workforce by starting a business

Have access to technology and seek to develop, formalize, and strengthen their businesses


Coca cola
The trust for the americas
Strachan Foundation
Nacional Monte de Piedad
Fundacion Alemana
Mercado Pago


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