Self-Esteem and Self-Love: The Added Value of Emprende Pro Mujer in Southeast Mexico

10 July, 2023

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On June 15, 60 women entrepreneurs from Campeche gathered to celebrate their graduation from the Pro Mujer Emprende Pro Mujer training program, the entrepreneurial training initiative that has impacted thousands of women in Mexico and Latin America through courses and programs designed to strengthen their business and entrepreneurship skills.

impacted more than 1,500 women entrepreneurs in Southeast Mexico through its hybrid and intersectional training methodology that incorporates expert facilitators in the field who work directly with participating women entrepreneurs to complement the digital training. 

This in-person, personal approach is what makes Emprende Pro Mujer much more than just an entrepreneurial training platform. It is a safe space where women can build support networks with their peers and, in partnership with the Emprende facilitators, begin to move toward self-knowledge, self-care, and self-love. 

An example is the mirror activity implemented by Emprende Pro Mujer facilitators Damaris Domit and Paulina Villagomez in Campeche. During this activity, women are asked to write a short note to the most important person in their lives. 

Then, with the support of applause and shouts of “You can do it,” the women are encouraged to read the loving phrase they wrote down earlier but dedicate it to themselves. 

This activity, as well as many others throughout the program, is entirely focused on supporting women’s empowerment, and 54% of Emprende Pro Mujer graduates state that their self-esteem improved after completing the program. 

The graduation ceremony also offered an opportunity for Pro Mujer to share more information on our comprehensive and holistic model. 

Mónica Ducoing, Pro Mujer Country Representative in Mexico, shared information on this model and our regional footprint. Daniela Ayllon, Head of New Business, shared details on how to access capital via Pro Mujer Digital. 

Pro Mujer Digital is an online platform that seeks to democratize access to finance for women entrepreneurs who have been excluded from the formal financial system. Application requirements are minimal, and applicants receive personalized guidance throughout the entire credit process. 

We were also pleased to welcome local partners who play a core role in promoting the development of women entrepreneurs to the graduation ceremony, including Vania Kelleher Hernandez, General Director of the Women’s Institute of the State of Campeche (IMEC, and Federico Reyes, Director of the Campeche Institute of Entrepreneurship (ICEM).