Pro Mujer Opens Five New Branches in Bolivia

10 July, 2023

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Pro Mujer is a social enterprise with more than 33 years of experience working to advance gender equality in Bolivia and Latin America. Since its establishment in El Alto in 1990, the organization has grown exponentially, impacting thousands of women with its holistic and comprehensive model. In 2020, we launched Mujer Segura, an in-person support program and free and confidential hotline that provides support and guidance to women experiencing gender-based violence.

“Four years ago, I started my sandwich business in my home. Thanks to Pro Mujer and its community banking structure, I’ve grown and improved my business while benefiting from Pro Mujer’s skilling and health services. My dream is to continue to grow, open my own sandwich store, and continue to work with my family.” Rina Torres Vega, Pro Mujer client.

To continue providing opportunities to support women’s progress and empowerment in Bolivia, Pro Mujer opened five new branches in Batallas and Chasquipampa (La Paz), Potosí, La Guardia, and the peri-urban area of Santa Cruz. These new branches bring the total number of Pro Mujer branches in Bolivia to 53 and are expected to impact 300,000 low-income and underserved women.

Local residents will be able to access capital to grow and invest in their businesses through personal loans and/or community banking, free or very low-cost health and well-being services, and skilling opportunities to develop and strengthen their entrepreneurial and personal skills.

In 2022, Pro Mujer provided financial services to more than 134,000 Bolivian women, skilling opportunities to more than 131,000 women, and more than 141,000 health services.

Our holistic and comprehensive support model has positively impacted the lives of our clients, with 82% reporting that their quality of life has improved thanks to Pro Mujer and 75% of them sharing that their business income has increased.