Pro Mujer Launches Community Health Campaigns in Southeast Mexico

8 May, 2023

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As part of its commitment to providing holistic and integrated services to the women it supports, Pro Mujer recently launched a series of community health campaigns focused on breast cancer in rural communities in Yucatán.

The first health campaign was implemented in Tecoh Municipality, Yucatán. A total of 76 women received information on breast health, 16 received coupons for free mammograms, and 33 received a mammogram on-site, along with support and counseling. 

The campaign also included three informative talks about the Emprende Pro Mujer entrepreneurship skilling platform and Pro Mujer’s innovative “Mujer Digital” financial product, which seeks to provide capital to women who wouldn’t receive a traditional bank loan. 

Attendees also had the opportunity to check their glucose levels and receive an eye exam at no cost, thanks to support from multiple organizations.

After the first campaign’s success, Pro Mujer hosted another in Kanasín Municipality, Yucatán, where 21 women received information about breast cancer and made mammogram appointments for April. 

A third health campaign was held in Chelem Municipality, Yucatán, on Sunday, April 23, and additional activities will be held throughout May.

Pro Mujer community health workers have also taken advantage of these campaigns to share some of the additional health tools offered by Pro Mujer, including the educational breast cancer chatbot recently launched in the region.

To date, 33 women from Southeast Mexico have completed the breast cancer chatbot, and 59 have received free mammogram screenings.

The health campaigns are implemented in partnership with Visión RB, an organization specialized in eye health that is committed to social impact. The free mammograms offered by Pro Mujer are made possible thanks to a partnership with Salud Digna. 

The launch of these health campaigns in Southeast Mexico highlights our commitment to expanding access to health services for the most underserved women in the region.