Pro Mujer and ANII Join Together to Provide Training and Mentoring Programs for Women-Led Businesses in Uruguay

10 July, 2023

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As part of this collaboration, Pro Mujer will provide specialized technical assistance to ensure a gender perspective is incorporated into all components of the second edition of the Emprendedor@s Innovador@s initiative.

This initiative, launched by ANII and the IDB, aims to provide tools to support local businesses to grow and strengthen women’s role as leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As a specialist in the field, Pro Mujer will offer specialized technical assistance on the design and implementation of the content, training, and mentoring offered to women entrepreneurs in Uruguay, the majority of whom have companies that have reached the maturity stage. 

As part of the process, Pro Mujer’s Gender Knowledge Lab team curated content to ensure that the materials used are respectful of both diversity and equality, including all the audiovisual modules, institutional communications, and a learning guide on gender and entrepreneurship shared with the entrepreneurs at the beginning of the program. 

Pro Mujer will also develop interactive workshops to inform and raise awareness of gender and diversity issues among women entrepreneurs. Participating entrepreneurs will also receive one-on-one mentoring through the Emprende Pro Mujer team.

By learning about best practices and applying innovative strategies to mainstream a gender approach in their businesses, products, and services, women entrepreneurs can address gender inequalities at their roots and positively impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the sectors in which they operate. 

As part of this collaboration, ANII and Pro Mujer will seek to impact the ventures of 15 passionate women, radically enhance their leadership and soft skills, and positively impact their entrepreneurial journey.