Partnership with the Target Foundation Increases the Impact of Emprende Pro Mujer in Guatemala and Southeast Mexico

23 February, 2023


To make progress towards sustainable and equitable growth in the region, it is critically important to incorporate an intersectional perspective to identify the needs and opportunities that emerge from the different ways of “being a woman” in Latin America, as certain factors, such as ethnicity, increase the likelihood a woman will experience discrimination and significantly limit access to professional and educational opportunities. 

  • The informality rate among Indigenous women in Latin America is 20% higher than among non-Indigenous women (ECMIA).
  • In Latin America, the percentage of Indigenous women who earn less than USD $3.20 per day is 49.1% higher than for non-Indigenous women (ECMIA).

Pro Mujer has incorporated an intersectional approach into the core of its operations to create products and tools to support Indigenous and rural women who want to make their projects a reality and achieve economic autonomy.

As part of these initiatives, Pro Mujer expanded into Southeast Mexico and Guatemala in 2022. To date, we have impacted more than 1,100 women through Emprende Pro Mujer, our entrepreneurship training platform. In Guatemala, we also enable women’s financial inclusion and offer preventive health information through our chatbots. 

This new partnership with the Target Foundation will allow Pro Mujer to reach 1,000 Indigenous and rural women entrepreneurs in Mexico and Guatemala through the Emprende Pro Mujer platform. 

Its support of this initiative reiterates the Target Foundation’s commitment to enabling social change in Latin America and supporting vulnerable women in the region, a critical factor in building prosperous and egalitarian societies. 

Through creative and dynamic content tailored to local needs, the Emprende Pro Mujer platform will continue supporting women’s development, skills, ideas, businesses, and communities. In addition, thanks to our local partners, we will reach women with limited internet connectivity through a hybrid methodology (virtual and in-person).

A total of 60% of Emprende Pro Mujer users report learning new knowledge and improving their entrepreneurship skills, and 40% of users reported increasing their sales and services.