Carmen Adelaida Cruz

Before joining Pro Mujer, Carmen Adelaida Cruz used to sell beauty products off a catalogue in the northern Argentine province of Jujuy. During her catalogue selling years, Carmen’s son José Alberto was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. The mother of five put her sales on hold to care for her son. She soon…
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Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez, a mother of four living in the Argentine province of Salta, was raised by her grandparents. While they couldn’t afford to put her through high school, the couple made sure Sandra acquired the basic tools needed to forge ahead in life. That’s how she learned to sew in several dressmaking courses, a skill…
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Maria Elena Neri

The last few years have been particularly trying for Maria Elena Neri Flores, a longtime Pro Mujer client from the municipality of Tecamac, north of Mexico City. In 2012, the mother of three lost her apartment of 19 years after her husband became unemployed and they could no longer afford the mortgage. A few years…
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