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Tech Innovations in Health : 6 Questions about Pro Mujer’s New Children’s Corners in Bolivia

An interview with Milton Lobo, National Health and Human Development Manager, Pro Mujer Bolivia Tell me about your new Children’s Corners. Our new Children’s Corners are bright and colorful spaces within Pro Mujer centers where low-income women’s children play and learn. Children’s Corners are geared towards kids ages four to ten years old and feature…
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Voices from the Field - Reflections on 12 Days in Peru

By Josh Cramer-Montes, Director of Communications Saturday/Sunday – Newark > Lima > Arequipa It’s 7:30 AM on Saturday and I’m in the back of a taxi speeding down the highway towards Lima following an overnight LAN flight. The sky is a hazy gray, a common occurrence as a result of the subtropical desert climate meeting the…
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Pro Mujer Inaugurates Its 71st Health Clinic in Bolivia

By Gustavo Trigo, Head of Marketing and Communications for Pro Mujer in Bolivia with contributions by Adriana Villaseñor, Communications Manager, Pro Mujer International Thanks to a generous donation on behalf of the German government by Ambassador Phillip Schauer, on October 8th Pro Mujer in Bolivia (PMB) opened a new health clinic in its San Borja center…
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