Zelma F. Acosta- Rubio

Zelma Acosta-Rubio is a senior executive trained in law and experienced in project finance, corporate governance, compliance and risk dynamics, retail banking, consumer protection, in-house legal team innovation, and customer centricity. In April 2007, Zelma joined the Executive Management Team of Interbank as General Counsel and Board Secretary. Interbank is Peru’s fourth largest bank with approximately $ 11.3 billion in total assets. Zelma is also responsible for overseeing Interbank’s CSR integrated strategy.

Zelma holds an MBA from the University of Piura, Peru; an LLM in International Banking Law from the Center for Finance, Law & Policy at Boston University; a Master in Comparative Jurisprudence from New York University; and a Law Degree from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela.

Zelma started her professional career at the Finance & Banking Group at Milbank, N.Y. In 1992, she joined the Project Finance Energy Group at Clifford Chance (CC) in London, focusing on privatization and infrastructure projects within the energy industry, particularly in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

In addition to serving on Pro Mujer’s board, Zelma is a Board Member for La Fiduciaria, for which she serves as Chairwoman. She is also a Board Member for Intertitulos, Vida Perú, and Organization of Women in International Trade, Peru.