Patricia Claure

Global Director of Change Management

Patricia Claure is a recognized professional in the field of women’s development, microfinance and comprehensive development services. She holds 22 years of experience working with underserved populations, mainly women in Latin America; She has also directed her efforts in finding sustainable solutions that allow populations to have diverse development opportunities. Her work has been centered mainly in Bolivia, with additional experience in Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Additionlly, Patricia has developed personal ventures aimed at working with young people and children, from a quality of life improvement approach through the development of the potential of each person. She has carried out research, market studies and consulted on the microfinance industry in Bolivia, women’s development, group credit methodologies, change management, strengthening of institutional culture, among others.

Patricia has a degree in Psychology, studies in Educational Sciences, postgraduate degrees in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Competitiveness and Innovation. She finished her Commercial Engineering career and is developing her thesis focused on the design of financial products with a gender focus.

She has received several awards at Pro Mujer, for her years of service. She was President of the Board of FINRURAL, a microfinance union entity in Bolivia, and has been recognized as an influential woman in the Bolivian financial system by the Gaceta Financiera in alliance with Economy Magazine. She is based in Bolivia.