Nancy Swanson

Nancy Swanson, is a founding member and the executive director of Linked Foundation, a private foundation that invests in solutions that improve the health and economic self-reliance of women in Latin America and the United States.  Concomitant to her work with Linked, she served as board chair of the Eleos Foundation where she directed the foundation in investing in pioneering business solutions to eliminate poverty in the developing world. Together with her team, she guided the collaboration of Eleos into Global Partnerships as the Social Venture Fund (SVF), which invests in social enterprises in East Africa. Prior to her decade of work in impact investing, she held senior roles in the private and entrepreneurial telecommunications sector in strategic sales, marketing, and new business development.

Currently, Nancy serves on the board of directors for Pro Mujer, MCE Social Capital, Social Venture Fund, Leading from Within, and the Carpinteria Children’s Project.

Nancy received her M.A. in from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California, and her B.A. with honors from the University of California, San Diego.