Mary McCaffrey


Mary McCaffrey, Treasurer of Pro Mujer’s Board, is mainly involved with technology investments. Currently, she is a Managing Director of Golden Seeds, focusing on start-up companies founded by women. For most of her career, Mary specialized in growth investing, specifically in information technology companies. This involvement included working with small startups in advisory and board capacity, as well as larger technology companies. She is on the Board of Directors of AboutOne, an internet based company.

For over 25 years, Mary worked as a technology analyst for the investment bank Alex. Brown & Sons and the research firm, C.J Lawrence (both now part of Deutsche Bank) and was a Partner at Camelot Capital, a technology hedge fund. Mary is also very involved in non-profit organizations. She is Treasurer of the Board of Trustees at El Museo del Barrio, and previously was Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of the Yorkville Common Pantry, both based in New York City. Prior to her Wall Street career, Mary worked with several lobbying associations dedicated to improving educational programs on behalf of exceptional children and their parents, as well as abused and neglected children in the Washington, DC area. There she was heavily involved in the writing and administration of various grants which were implemented through the United States.

Mary earned a BA in Political Science from Trinity College in Washington, DC and a MA and EdD in Education, as well as a MBA in Finance from George Washington University. She has had a long-term interest in Latin America, which goes dates back to early volunteer programs in Honduras and Peru.

Mary is married with two grown daughters and a new granddaughter.