Martha Herrera Gonzalez

Martha Herrera Gonzalez, is Global Responsible Business Director for CEMEX and Director of the CEMEX-Tec Center for Sustainable Development, President of the Advisory Board UNGC Mexico, President of ARISE Mexico, and Vice-Chair ARISE UNDDR, President of New Employment Opportunities in Mexico, President of RedEAmerica in Latin America and President of the Human Development Committee of the Nuevo Leon Council.

Martha is a social and inclusive activist, passionate about social innovation and a firm believer in the creation of strategic alliances. She has led the establishment of more than 500 global partnerships with governments, universities, multilateral organizations, NGOs, citizens and businesses, and is part of more than 20 international partners. The Responsible Business strategy she developed seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of society, with a particular focus on women and youth, and with her leadership it has positively impacted more than 16.1 million people. She has received recognition from organizations such as the UN, the OAS and the IDB, among others, for showing a responsible and resilient business culture as a key part of the business strategy and shared value creation. She has been recognized for her continuous work towards social and urban transformation by international organizations, such as the WBCSD Women Leaders Award.

Martha graduated with honors from BSc on International Studies at the University of Monterrey and holds a MSc in Political Science at McGill University in Montreal, and an MBA with a double degree from Adolfo Ibañez University in Miami and Deusto School of Business in Bilbao, and recently completed the International Women’s Forum Fellows Program (IWF) in which she represented Mexico.