Marisol Fernandez

Global Financial Services Director

Marisol Fernández is Global Financial Services Director of Pro Mujer. With over 22 years of professional experience in microfinance development and regulation, risk management, development financing and taxes, leading capstone projects in both, the public and private sectors.

Prior to joining Pro Mujer in 2018, Marisol´s major accomplishments include her leading role in the definition of legislation and regulation of the financial sector and microfinance in Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Tanzania and Mozambique, working as a consultant for multilateral organizations.

Fernandez has extensive experience leading and implementing seamless liquidation and settlement processes for financial entities in Bolivia, guiding and overseeing the expansion and -better- positioning of key players in the microfinance ecosystem such as Oikocredit, Netherlands.

Marisol brings a remarkable reputation of ongoing effectiveness in the public sector, having been a member of different corporate governance bodies of financial entities (Banco FIE and Banco de la Comunidad), contributing in the development and implementation of their risk management systems and corporate social responsibility programs. In addition, she has been board member of non-financial entities (Caja de Salud de Bolivia, Kantutani S.R.L), and member of the credit committee of PYME Capital Fund.

Marisol holds a Master of Development Economics degree from Boston University, and a double Bachelor degree of Economics and Political Science from Boston University. She is based in La Paz, Bolivia.