Lelio Di Geronimo

Chief Technology Officer

Lelio joined Pro Mujer as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in November 2016. He holds 21 years of professional experience, 13 years in the Private Sector and eight years in non-profit organizations. He is always motivating and organizing different stakeholders so that intercultural organizations, with operations across multiple countries, can incorporate new technologies aligned with strategies to leverage and scale operations. In the civil sector, he promoted the use of ICT to develop, accelerate and scale processes, and to empower citizens through civic participation in Latin America.

Prior to joining Pro Mujer, he served as Director of Technology, responsible for the strategy in the area of Technologies for Social Change at Avina Foundation (Fundación Avina). He also served as Systems Manager for the Argentinian economic J. Matas Group with operations in six countries. Additionally, he has worked as a freelance consultant and teacher. Lelio is a member of technology groups and initiatives, including the ODWG OGP (Open Data Working Group for the Open Government Partnership), ODCG (Open Data Charter), FG SSC (Focus Group on smart sustainable cities for the International Telecomunication Union), and Americas SAP Users Group Argentina (ASUG Argentina).

Lelio studied computer engineering at the University of Mendoza (Universidad De Mendoza), and has taken courses and certifications on ITIL, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Open Data, virtual team leadership, performance management, among others.
He is married and lives in Argentina with his two children.