Our Team

Executive Staff

Maria Cavalcanti

President and Chief Executive Officer

Diana de Castro

Chief Alliance Officer

Agustin Chong

Chief Audit & Compliance Officer

Lelio Di Geronimo

Chief Technology Officer

Raul Espejel

Chief Financial Officer

Cesar Maita

General Counsel

Margarita Talavera

Chief Human Resource Officer

Veronica Valdivieso

Executive Director of Global Health

Denise Ferreyra

Director, Argentina

Patricia Claure

Director, Bolivia

Gloria Ruiz

Director, Nicaragua

Rodolfo Medrano

Director, Mexico

Board of Directors

Ruth B. Cowan

Founding Chair and Director Emerita

Ana Demel

Vice-Chair and Secretary

Maria Cavalcanti

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lynne Patterson

Co-Founder and Director Emerita

Rosemary Werrett

Director Emerita

Senior Advisors

William D. Novelli

Marianne C. Brown

Adrian Merryman

Ana Langer

Barbara J. Krumsiek

Ernest Stern

Paul A. Volcker

Harry A. Halloran, Jr.

Kathleen A. Corbet