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Creating Opportunities for Women

Pro Mujer is committed to positively impacting the lives of Latin America’s women and their families.

Why Women?

Latin America has the highest rates of income inequality in the world. Marginalized women in the region experience overwhelming levels of gender-based violence, chronic health problems and discrimination.

Evidence shows that women invest 90% of their income back into their families and communities, as opposed to men who invest only 40%. Our work is inspired by this ripple effect, where investing in a single woman can lead to prosperity for future generations.


Our innovative programs in financial inclusion, health, education, and gender lens investing are developed first and foremost with a women-centered, impact-driven approach.

Financial inclusion

Women’s economic empowerment creates prosperous communities. In addition to providing small loans to micro-entrepreneurs, Pro Mujer recognizes the gaps for financing all along the capital curve, especially the disparities in women’s financial inclusion. In the past few years, Pro Mujer has added new products to its portfolio of financial services that seek to support other segments of the market, including the missing middle, or small growing businesses considered too developed for traditional microfinance but too risky for mainstream financial products. 


Digital Inclusion

Despite the increasing importance of digital literacy for economic participation and daily life, in developing countries women are 25 percent less likely to use digital services than men. Pro Mujer drives solutions to support women’s entry into the digital economy by addressing barriers, such as time, cost and connectivity. Working with leading technology firms and non-profits to close the digital gender gap, we are committed to providing access to information, education, and markets as part of our digital inclusion initiatives.


Healthy girls and women are the cornerstone of healthy societies. Pro Mujer offers basic screenings, primary care, and dental and gynecological consultations as well as health education and support and education for healthy eating and general wellness.  



Pro Mujer has supported entrepreneurs across Latin America for over 30 years through business training, capacity-building, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Our growing entrepreneurial network is becoming a unique space in Latin America for women, investors, governments and the private sector to convene and share knowledge, exchange best practices, and even offer services to ensure women gain access to the resources they need for their businesses to succeed.


Gender lens Investing

Investing in Women is in our DNA. Our approach to investing in women has diversified to include more tailored investment instruments designed with a gender perspective. We are also committed to leading efforts to build and strengthen the Gender Lens Investing (GLI) ecosystem in Latin America.


Driving economic opportunities and growth in Latin America requires our communities to have access to mentorship, technical assistance and support networks so they can compete in the global economy. Pro Mujer is constantly partnering with the private and public sector to bring personalized training to our clients.

Our Impact in 2020

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Our Approach Promotes…

Security by providing access to finance, which contributes to economic independence.
Health by delivering life-saving primary health care services to women in the neighborhoods where they live and work.
Solidarity  through Pro Mujer’s communal groups of female entrepreneurs, where women can find safe spaces and support from each other.
Leadership with empowerment and business training that enhances our financial services.

Developing Women Leaders

Our commitment to developing women is reflected within our organization.

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Pro Mujer not only helps clients accomplish their dreams, but staff members, too. As long as you have set goals, Pro Mujer can help you reach them.

Dina Lopez, Pro Mujer Regional Manager in Nicaragua
Dina Lopez, Pro Mujer Regional Manager in Nicaragua

$4 billion +

Disbursed in small loans by Pro Mujer since 1990.

Catalyzing Change One Woman at a Time

I have stayed with Pro Mujer because they have given me the chance to get ahead, to progress. And it’s not just that I have been able to overcome and change, but everything that has happened to me has had repercussions for my family. The loans enable me to continue investing in and growing my business, and the health services and trainings are a great benefit for us and our families. But mostly, I stay because I feel that I have found my own space where everything is possible and where I can do what I need to do to get ahead. Pro Mujer has taught me that it is never too late to start, to never lose hope and to be responsible.

Carina Santillan, Pro Mujer client in Argentina
Carina Santillan, Pro Mujer client in Argentina

Pro Mujer is more than a microfinance pioneer. No other institution so successfully delivers programs that meaningfully improve the health and livelihoods of very poor women… By staying true to their values, Pro Mujer has created an innovative, integrated approach that is replicable and poised to become a new industry standard.

Jonathan Morduch, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, NYU
Jonathan Morduch, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, NYU

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