Pro Mujer announces a partnership with MICROWD to expand its impact on women entrepreneurs in Peru

19 noviembre, 2021

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Pro Mujer is expanding its impact in Peru in partnership with MICROWD, a fintech company that connects women entrepreneurs in Latin America who need microcredit with investors, to reduce the financial gap and provide resources for women entrepreneurs to consolidate and grow their businesses. 

Using a digital, dynamic and intuitive crowdfunding platform developed by MICROWD, Pro Mujer is able to meet and connect with women-led businesses and provide them with individual loans at lower rates than the market, with flexibility in guarantees and a two-month grace period. 

The project will start by providing approximately $100,000 USD in loans, which has the potential to promote women’s economic autonomy and improve their living conditions, while also creating more jobs in Peru. 

“Pro Mujer’s mission is to provide women in the region with the necessary tools and services to reach their full potential and become agents of change for their communities. In Latin America, where only 6% of investment fund capital is directed to women-led companies and 94% is directed to companies led by men, promoting and strengthening partnerships such as those of Pro Mujer and MICROWD is fundamental,” said Carmen Correa, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Pro Mujer. 

Alejandro De León, CEO of MICROWD, commented: “Organizations like Pro Mujer allow us to make our dream come true, which is to increasingly expand our impact by generating economic and digital solutions to social problems. We are inspired by extraordinary women who have projects that can positively impact their entire environment and we work for them every day. “ 

Women interested in accessing financing for their projects can enter the platform at: https://www.microwd.es/solicitud/