Pro Mujer and McGraw-Hill Team Up to Promote Economic Empowerment

4 enero, 2012

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In a recent blog post, The McGraw Hill Companies highlights the work Pro Mujer is doing to promote financial literacy and economic empowerment. With support from McGraw-Hill, Pro Mujer has developed a standardized financial literacy curriculum that teaches clients how to make sound financial decisions for their businesses, plan for future life events and be prepared for emergencies. Business training is part of Pro Mujer’s holistic package of services, which includes financial and healthcare services.  As author Adam Eisenstein explains, “This education not only helps these clients make sound financial management choices, but also favorably impacts close to one million of their children and other family members.”

McGraw-Hill has been working with Pro Mujer in Peru since 2007, and its most recent grant provides funding for all five countries in which Pro Mujer operates. McGraw-Hill supports organizations that are increasing economic opportunities for impoverished communities traditionally excluded from mainstream banking and loans. To read the post in full, click here.