Sandra Pino

5 marzo, 2019


SANDRA PINOIn Bolivia, it is estimated that up to 70 percent of all women have faced physical or sexual violence in the course of a lifetime. Sandra Pino is no exception.

For years, she endured violence at the hands of her partner, but when he stopped providing for her children she found the strength to leave and forge her own path to economic independence. Her mother was a Pro Mujer beneficiary, and one day convinced Sandra to attend a meeting. It would prove the catalyst to a whole new life.

With a small loan, Sandra decided to fix her car, an old taxi with a broken engine. Today she owns two taxis, and enjoys her line of work despite biases in her community against women drivers. Rather than retreat, she proudly challenges these stereotypes.

I discovered that women can be fighters, enterprising and optimistic. We are equal to men. I feel liberated!   – Sandra Pino