Mariah Acosta

11 febrero, 2020


Mariah Araceli Acosta learned about Pro Mujer in 2009 when her family was in a difficult economic situation. Her father had lost his retirement benefits – his only source of income – and her mother was struggling to save her small business.

Mariah used her first loan to buy merchandise for her mother’s store. They slowly won over the neighbors, who to this day are still clients that the family is proud to have. With the profits, Mariah also opened her own food stand, built her own home and purchased upgrades like freezers and an oven for her business.

Mariah’s situation was especially complex because she is transgender, but she has never let it get in the way of her aspirations. When Argentina’s law on gender identity was passed, she was able to change the gender on her national ID card to female. Pro Mujer helped her with the documentation and more importantly, to help her feel included and trusted in society. She’s now studying beauty and dreams of opening her own school.

“With Pro Mujer, I’ve become a part of society and others have learned to trust me and see me as just another one of the girls.”