JP Morgan and Pro Mujer join forces to help women micro-entrepreneurs in Argentina

2 septiembre, 2020

Argentina, Partners

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many communities around the world. In Argentina, it has tremendously impacted women entrepreneurs. Many of them have faced a decrease on their sales or had to shut down their businesses losing the only income they had to support their families and loved ones.

In response, Pro Mujer and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation have joined forces to support women micro-entrepreneurs in Argentina. Women located in Buenos Aires will be able to access the COVID Relief micro loan through Ilumina Soluciones Financieras, a company of the Pro Mujer Group.

The COVID Relief micro loan will serve as an economic emergency aid to help women in these difficult times. Additionally, the first 700 women to qualify for the loan will also receive a voucher to exchange for basic food at participant supermarkets.

“During these challenging times, we, at Pro Mujer, understand how crucial it is to support women entrepreneurs. It is why Pro Mujer is offering a micro loan at a lower interest rate in addition to the extra support some will receive,” said Ana Acosta, Business and Services Manager at Pro Mujer in Argentina.

We hope that with this economic relief, women entrepreneurs can get back on their feet, continue to thrive, and expand and transform their businesses while contributing to an entire society.