Voices from the frontline: Matías Videla

29 mayo, 2020

Media & Recognition

This post was originally published by Devex

They may seem like superheroes, but doctors, nurses, midwives, and community health workers need help too. Governments, donors, and communities all have an obligation — a duty of care — to support and protect health workers. Otherwise, how can the goal of universal health coverage by 2030 be achieved? This series looks at how health systems can function better so that health care workers are supported, protected, and empowered. Check full series here

Meet Matias Videla, one of our health workers at our clinics in Salta, Argentina. With the city under lockdown, Videla and his colleagues have pivoted to a virtual system of care, speaking to patients over the phone and carrying out educational workshops online. Despite the current situation, he sees it as his duty to continue to provide these services.