A Statement of Solidarity with Communities in Afghanistan, Including Women and Girls

18 agosto, 2021

Media & Press

Pro Mujer stands in solidarity with communities in Afghanistan, including women and girls, as the Taliban takes control of the country. As an organization dedicated to empowering women, we are appalled by the injustices and inequality that Afghan women and girls experienced under the Taliban over 20 years ago, including barriers to education and employment. With the Taliban seizing power once again, the human rights of Afghan women are at risk, with much of the progress to advance gender equality in the country in danger of being reversed.

At Pro Mujer, we work hard every day to advance gender equality in Latin America to ensure women reach their full potential, and we believe that women and girls in Afghanistan and all over the world should have the same opportunities. This is why we support Afghan women as they fight for their human rights amid danger, as well as call on the international community to recognize and support these women as powerful agents of change in achieving the equality they deserve. Learn more about how you can take action to support communities in crisis in Afghanistan.