Lifting up women with Pro Mujer and the Coca Cola Foundation

17 marzo, 2022

Media & Press

Thanks to our two-year partnership with the Coca Cola Foundation, we have positively impacted 4,400+ Mexican families and trained 23,409 women through the programs “Emprendiendo Juntas 2.0” and “Grandes Tenderas”, with the support of Fundes.

This partnership began in 2020, when the Coca Cola Foundation channeled support for Mexican entrepreneurs facing the COVID-19 crisis through Pro Mujer, impacting 4,400 families.

Thanks to this alliance, Pro Mujer developed Empiendo Juntas 2.0, a digital training program focused on financial and digital knowledge, in which 14,409 women from Estado de México, Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, Puebla, Veracruz and Querétaro participated.

The partnership was consolidated by the co-creation of Grandes Tenderas, a program where both institutions, working hand in hand with Fundes, created a gender-focused training project to develop the potential of shopkeepers. 9,000 women from 13 states in the country participated in this initiative only five months after its release.

In this project, Pro Mujer provided advice in order to incorporate the gender approach as a cross-cutting perspective, formulate specific strategies to close the gaps that harm women, and develop specialized content.

Currently, donations from the Coca Cola Foundation have increased to 900,000 USD. The joint actions that were carried out thanks to this investment were transformational for the entrepreneurs and their families.

In this regard, Daniela Rodríguez, Director of the Coca Cola Foundation, highlighted that these initiatives are key to creating a more equitable society. “It is necessary to reflect the potential that an entrepreneurial and empowered woman has, not only for her family, but for her entire community. It is precisely through these initiatives that we will provide the visibility that the creation of an equitable society requires.”

Carmen Correa, CEO of Pro Mujer, assured that these organizations will continue to provide training to women through innovative formats. “These types of innovative educational formats are essential to contribute to closing the gender gap”.