Honoring Mother’s Day in Peru by Protecting Women’s Health

15 julio, 2011

Events, Voices from the Field

By Richard Suca, Communications Coordinator for Pro Mujer in Peru

In honor of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in this country on the 8th of May, Pro Mujer in Peru launched a series of health campaigns in the southern cities of Puno, Juliaca and Tacna to provide our clients, their children and the general public with low-cost primary health services.

Pro Mujer clients register with their children to receive low-cost primary health services as part of the campaign.

These services – general medical consults, screenings for diabetes, ultrasounds, blood pressure and body mass index tests, among others – were offered at prices equal to 50% of market prices. For example, Pap tests were offered to the general public at a cost of 10 soles (approximately US$3.64) whereas the market cost is 20 soles (approximately US$7.24). Pro Mujer clients received the Pap tests for 7 soles or US$2.55.

A poster lists some of the services provided.

Health care services were delivered in 16 of our neighborhood centers – 2 in Puno, 6 in Juliaca and 8 in Tacna. In addition, four mobile health clinics staffed by doctors and/or nurses went out into these communities to provide our clients and the general public with added convenience.

A client has her blood pressure taken by a member of Pro Mujer’s health staff.

We were able to reach hundreds of citizens from these regions as well as more than 1,300 of our women micro-entrepreneurs during the campaign, which ended on July 11th. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by ensuring the health of women?