Tod@s Por Ellas: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness in Latin America

23 octubre, 2020

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Pro Mujer has joined forces with different organizations in Latin America to launch the Tod@s por Ellas campaign. With this initiative, we reinforce our commitment to advance health care for women by raising awareness and ensuring more women have access to preventive and treatment care.

Tod@s por Ellas provides access to free virtual workshops on breast cancer prevention and treatment, while providing access to mammography tests for incarcerated women in Mexico. 

The virtual workshops featuring medical experts and breast cancer survivors who are sharing their inspiring stories, take place every Thursday on our Facebook account @promujersalud. Women are learning about prevention including nutrition habits, the importance of exercise, and breast cancer self-examination. At the same time, we are dismantling myths to help women acquire the necessary knowledge and resources to stay healthy and know when to seek medical atention.

Ensuring access to quality health care for women in Latin America is a priority for Pro Mujer. Tod@s por Ellas also provides free mammography tests to women who are part of La Cana, a social initiative in Mexico that provides job opportunities to women in jails 

This campaign is part of Pro Mujer’s health platform in Latin America. We know that to make a transformative impact, we need to work together. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to fernanda.diazdelavega@promujer.org

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