One test that can save your life: Veronica’s story

24 marzo, 2020

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Cervical cancer prevention is an essential part of sexual and reproductive health care for women. Through Pro Mujer’s health services, Veronica was able to receive a critical screening and intervention.

In 2008, Pro Mujer expanded its presence in northwest Argentina, opening four Service Centers in Tucuman and Salta, focusing on some of Argentina’s most marginalized communities where poverty, unemployment and malnutrition are rampant. Veronica, a 42-year-old entrepreneur and a member of Pro Mujer, makes and sells food in Tucuman. Since Veronica joined Pro Mujer three years ago, she has been receiving basic health care at one of Pro Mujer’s clinics.

As part of our initiatives to promote women’s health, Veronica received a Pro Mujer voucher for a cervical cancer screening at no cost. As a result, she discovered that she had a moderate cervical dysplasia, a condition where abnormal cells develop in the cervix often caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). She was at high risk to develop cervical cancer if she did not receive treatment.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among women. Approximately 34,000 women in Latin America die every year from it, despite being a preventable disease. HPV vaccines, regular screenings and treatment for precancerous lesions can save lives.

For thirty years, Pro Mujer has been delivering transformative and relevant tools for women to thrive. Our integrated methodology offers women access to finance, health and educational services, delivered in supportive social spaces that foster community-building. Veronica counted on the support of her peers at Pro Mujer who were there for her every step during her treatment.

Today, she has expanded her business to deliver food door to door in her community by using social media to take orders, and she continues to receive follow-up care. She also inspires other women to prioritize their health and seek regular cancer screenings, sharing that “women are the pillar of our homes. If that pillar falls, everything else falls. I recommend that we all take care of ourselves and our health. Our lives are priceless.”

Pro Mujer continues to celebrate its 30-year anniversary by sharing the stories of inspiring women whose resilience has led them to continue working for their dreams, their businesses, their communities and families.