Providing Preventative Health Care to Women in Argentina

13 julio, 2021

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Pro Mujer and Mamotest join forces to provide access to affordable, rapid response mammograms to support early detection.  

Pro Mujer and Mamotest, the first health femtech in Latin America, recently joined forces to provide mammograms to more than 3,000 women in Jujuy, a province in Argentina’s remote northwest. Both Pro Mujer and Mamotest use high-impact models to minimize barriers to access for women in the region by providing access to financial services, health care services, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

This partnership offers Pro Mujer clients access to high-quality, annual mammograms at half the standard price.

“This partnership offers Pro Mujer clients in Jujuy the opportunity to access cutting-edge digital mammography services with the results delivered in less than 24 hours,” shared Noelia Rodríguez, Pro Mujer Health Manager in Argentina. “Women with abnormal mammograms receive personal support from staff from both organizations, including referrals to reference hospitals, when necessary.”

“We didn’t have mammogram services in Jujuy until now,” she added. “This partnership is a key step towards providing [women] access to breast cancer screening and supporting early detection.”

Marcela Castrillo, Pro Mujer client and entrepreneur 

According to the World Health Organization’s Global Cancer Observatory, breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in Argentina. With more than 21,000 new cases per year, breast cancer represented 17% of all malignant tumor diagnoses and almost a third of new cancer cases in women. Recently recognized by the United Nations as one of the most innovative ventures transforming access to health in developing countries, Mamotest’s telemammography network offers an opportunity for women to access timely diagnoses independently of their social, economic, and geographical status. 

“Health is a right, and accessing health care services should be universal, not limited by financial means, gender, location, or any other factor,” said Camila de Pamphilis, Director of Operations at Mamotest. “Everyone should have control over their health, including annual physicals to provide preventative care and increase early detection.” 

The partnership between Pro Mujer and Mamotest will help provide better care and facilitate women’s health and their access to health services, a step towards creating a more just society that supports each member’s full development.