Pro Mujer and Toyosa S.A. have teamed up to help women entrepreneurs buy motorcycles to expand their businesses

8 octubre, 2020


During the pandemic, the demand of motorcycles has increased as they serve as public transportation and a work tool for many people in Bolivia.

Pro Mujer, a women’s development organization and Toyosa, a vehicle importing company, have joined forces to help hundreds of women access a special credit to buy motorcycles.

“We want to make this financial service available to all women especially those within the health care industry. We know that a motorcycle is an essential work tool for many especially during these difficult times. This is why we have built this alliance with Toyosa S.A. to ensure that this credit fits the needs of our beneficiaries,” said Edith Figueredo, Country Manager of Pro Mujer in Bolivia.

With no down payment needed, the credit will have an interest rate below the market offer with a three-year payment period. The credit also includes a motorcycle insurance, access to driving classes, road safety virtual education and other benefits. The credit can go from 7,000 to 21,000 bolivianos ($1,000 to $3,000 USD).

“This is a product designed to help reactivate the economy of our beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries are women entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the food and service sector. We have seen that delivery services have increased, and these women entrepreneurs must adapt to the new normal and respond the market needs. With access to a motorcycle, these women will be able to expand their businesses,” said Cecilia Camper, Social Innovation Country Manager at Pro Mujer.

Cecilia added that this initiative seeks to break gender roles and stereotypes ensuring women have the tools to continue growing their businesses and thriving in their communities.