Pro Mujer Thanks Erik E. Bergstrom for His Friendship and Support

17 marzo, 2017


At Pro Mujer, we are greatly saddened by the recent passing of Erik E. Bergstrom, a special and wonderful friend who helped improve and transform the lives of thousands of women served by our organization.

Erik attended Whitman College where he studied economics and psychology, graduating magna cum laude. He founded Bergstrom Capital Corporation, an investment firm, and started the Bergstrom Foundation in 2002 with his wife Edith, a successful American artist.

Erik’s commitment was to leave a planet to future generations where our population is in balance with the resources on which we all depend. He believed deeply and was passionate about the work of the Foundation which focuses much of its efforts on promoting women’s access to healthcare.

Pro Mujer has been the proud beneficiary of the Bergstrom Foundation, receiving critical funds that support our women’s reproductive health initiatives, especially in Bolivia, where we serve over 120,000 women.

The generosity of individuals like the Bergstrom’s fuel the work of Pro Mujer and remind us of the importance of solidarity as we strive to create a world where all women have the opportunity to prosper. We are deeply grateful for Erik’s dedication to improving the lives of so many. He will continue to inspire and motivate Pro Mujer’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of Latin American women and their families.

Our heartfelt condolences to Edith Bergstrom during this most difficult time.