Pro Mujer Receives Training and Support from Johnson & Johnson and Phomenta to Design Solutions to Pressing Challenges and Encourage Innovation

23 agosto, 2021


In an effort to improve the services available to women in Argentina, Pro Mujer recently participated in the Social Acceleration Marathon hosted by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Phomenta, a social enterprise and nongovernmental organization (NGO) accelerator.

Over the course of seven weeks, 12 organizations, including Pro Mujer, received personalized support and assistance from a group of volunteer expert consultants, who shared their knowledge on management, innovation, and fundraising with participating NGOs. Using a methodology designed by the Phomenta team, the volunteer consultants at the event worked to design and implement solutions to the management challenges facing the participating organizations.

As one of these organizations, Pro Mujer focused specifically on developing business skills to develop and deliver health services program that is independent from its loan placement activities.

“Participating in the ‘Marathon’ was really rewarding, and it was great to work with the volunteer consultants to define the problem we’re facing and establish an action plan to deal with it,” said Ana Lucía Mondada, Pro Mujer Social Development Manager in Argentina who participated in the Social Acceleration Marathon. “It was interesting to see our organization through the consultants’ eyes, and to assess the different possible solutions. The final outcome was really positive, and the whole process was definitely worthwhile. We really learned a lot.”

The workshops in collaboration with the J&J team offered Pro Mujer an opportunity to expand its perspective and develop a plan to create and market a new health services package for the general public. Pro Mujer was able to create a new proposal that builds on everything the organization has driven over the past 30 years, with a focus on designing and implementing an action plan to scale our health services offerings using private companies.

“This program gave us the opportunity to get an outside perspective and to recognize the ways that Pro Mujer’s health services have grown and evolved over the past few years,” said Noelia Rodriguez, Pro Mujer Health Manager in Argentina. “In our day-to-day, it’s hard to see the reach and the impact of what we’re doing. Participating in this program helped us see how we’ve grown and all the ways we can continue to grow. I think the sky’s the limit, we can do so many things.”

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