Pro Mujer in Nicaragua Brings Together More Than 1,500 Clients in Celebration of Mother’s Day

16 octubre, 2011


By Alejandra Narváez, Communications Specialist, Pro Mujer in Nicaragua

 “Niño cuando la razón alumbre tu corazón y veas como es debido,           Recuerda con que ilusión, con que delirio y pasión esa madre te ha querido”

“My child, when reason illuminates your heart and you see properly,           Remember the abandon and passion with which your mother has loved you”   

–          Excerpt from a poem written by Felicia Arvizu, one of Pro Mujer’s first clients in Leon, Nicaragua

Felicia belongs to the communal bank, Las Madrugadoras or “The Early Risers” and was one of more than 1,500 women that joined Pro Mujer in the cities of León, Chinandega, Matagalpa, Estelí, Masaya and Managua in celebration of Mother’s Day this year, which was celebrated at the end of May.

We took advantage of this important day to recognize the hard work of our40,000 clients, tireless women who go to great lengths for their children in spite of the harsh economic and social conditions they face. Our clients are typically single mothers and the sole income-earners in their families.

“On this day, we wish to highlight the work of women who are both mothers and fathers at the same time, which involves enormous sacrifice and responsibility,” announced Aura Estela Picado, Manager of the León center where Pro Mujer serves more than 8,500 women.

As is done every year, hundreds of Pro Mujer supporters came and led activities including musical performances, a raffle, and client poetry readings. There were a number of cultural events, including an opening performance by a local mariachi group. The raffle was a big hit; blenders, dishware, rice cookers, fans and electric stoves were just some of the prizes that clients won during the day.

A local mariachi group performs at the celebration

According to the latest report from the International Foundation for Global Economic Challenge (FIDEG), 31% of households in Nicaragua are headed by women. These women are self-employed, between 35 and 54 years of age, and have an average of 2.5 children.

Gloria Ruíz, General Manager for Pro Mujer in Nicaragua, congratulated the 40,000 clients “for the arduous work they perform as mothers and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the training they receive, the majority of our clients have become decision-makers in their families and communities.”