Pro Mujer in Mexico Celebrates the Third Annual “Day of the Client Leader”

16 mayo, 2013

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By Yesenia Diaz, Communications Coordinator, Pro Mujer in Mexico.

Celebracion Dia Socia Lider en Mexico

The “Day of the Client Leader” recognized the leadership of Pro Mujer client leaders.

Pro Mujer in Mexico’s staff, in collaboration with FIRA (The Trust Introduced in Relation to the Agriculture), organized the third annual “Day of the Client Leader. ” During the event, more than 160 women from the various centers where we serve our clients participated in activities planned exclusively for them.

Among the activities were a workshop about the empowerment of women offered by “Mujer Emprende” (Women Undertake) and a conference about over indebtedness offered by the National Commission for the Financial Institutions’ Users Defense. Later, our clients received health services provided by Pro Mujer’s medical staff, and participated in the activity “Singing for Leadership” where various Pro Mujer employees sang along with our clients.

The clients said that what they enjoyed most was the games they played and just spending time with one another.

The celebration was a great event at the end thanks to the collaboration from the Pro Mujer in Mexico staff who participated directly or indirectly in this activity, whose goal was to recognize the leadership of Pro Mujer client leaders.