Pro Mujer in Bolivia Partners With the German Agency for Technical Cooperation To Combat Violence Against Women

13 marzo, 2013

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On February 28, Pro Mujer in Bolivia’s General Manager, Gonzalo Alaiza, signed a letter of agreement with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ). The agreement establishes a joint work plan to combat violence against women, which affects our clients and many women in Bolivia.

The goal of the plan is to raise awareness among Pro Mujer employees of the issue of violence against women and its effects on women, families, communities and society in general. Domestic violence will continue to be a part of the training curriculum that takes place during communal bank (client peer groups) repayment sessions.

Pro Mujer and GIZ Partner to Combat Violence Against Women.

Pro Mujer in Bolivia’s General Manager Gonzalo Alaiza (left) and Health and Human Development Manager, Caroline Hillari (far right), sign a letter of agreement with Irma Campos, representative of GIZ (center).

The need for action against violence has become more evident in Bolivia, due to the increased coverage of femicide reported in the media. With this in mind, Pro Mujer and GIZ’s ComVoMujer signed an alliance knowing that there are plans of actions and laws to penalize, eradicate and prevent violence against women. However, there is still a lot more to be done about public policies to protect the rights of women and girls.

The activities to be held include workshops with Pro Mujer employees, specific training to support women who are victims of domestic violence as well as staff who are in direct contact with clients. Educational and public activities like walks and big events in cities will be developed. There will also be a campaign with specific messages on posters, videos and other materials displayed at focal centers as well as a printed and electronic newsletter covering subjects related to violence against women.