Pro Mujer Featured in Duke Paper for its Innovations in Health Care

18 diciembre, 2015

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Did you know that chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and breast and cervical cancers are responsible for 68 percent of deaths in Latin America? At Pro Mujer, we strive to change that figure – our #1 goal being the health and wellbeing of the women we serve. And when our hard work is recognized on a global scale for the benefit of others, well, that makes us even happier.

Last September, Pro Mujer’s work with diabetes took center stage in a paper published by the Duke Global Health Institute in partnership with Innovations in Healthcare and the Brookings Institution. Titled “Innovations In Diabetes Care Around the World: Case Studies Of Care Transformation Through Accountable Care Reforms,” the publication highlights advances in the care and treatment of diabetes, and determines how policy makers can better address related challenges.

Health screening by a Pro Mujer nurse at a client’s home in Hidalgo, Mexico.

Health screening by a Pro Mujer nurse at a client’s home in Hidalgo, Mexico.

Last year, Pro Mujer provided half a million chronic illness screenings — diabetes tests included — in the same centers where the women we serve receive financial support. To our clients, this means less time away from work and more time spent caring for themselves and their families. Also last year, Pro Mujer disbursed close to 500,000 loans, providing thousands of low-income women with the tools they need to not only be healthy, but also become financially independent and thrive in their businesses and in the world.

There are many innovations in diabetes out there, but they rarely reach those who are most in need of vital care. By studying integrated models such as ours, the authors of this case study hope to build pathways through which these innovations can spread broadly. We hope that our work will help them get there.

To read the full report, click here.