Mujeres de Cambio: A Network of Women Entrepreneurs Ready to Change Latin America

1 octubre, 2020

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Pro Mujer is proud of our partnership with Disruptivo TV to continue empowering women entrepreneurs in Mexico through access to mentorship and trainings.

Women entrepreneurs in Latin America continue to be at disadvantage compared to men. From a disproportionate lack of access to financial services and impact investment funds that meet their needs, to discrimination and unequal pay in the workplace, women continue to face barriers that limit their success. This creates negative short- and long-term impact on their communities and on the broader economy.  According to McKinsey’s 2015 report, if women were to participate in the economy at the same rate as men, there would be a GDP annual growth of $2.6 trillion for Latin America in 2025.

As part of our efforts to close the gender gap and to create more opportunities for women entrepreneurs, we have partnered with Disruptivo TV, a media organization in Mexico aimed to promote impact and social entrepreneurship, to create the Mujeres de Cambio (Women Changemakers) initiative.

The Mujeres de Cambio program seeks to:

1.       connect women entrepreneurs across Mexico

2.       create virtual and physical spaces where they can access trainings and mentorship

3.       help promote women-led businesses

4.      act as a platform for those who want to become entrepreneurs.


In October, Pro Mujer continues promoting Mujeres de Cambio through a series of webinars on gender lens investing, gender parity in the workplace and women´s health care – all geared towards exploring solutions to ensure women and their families have the tools to prosper especially when crises hit.

  • Join the first webinar taking place on October 6th at 5pm CDT led by our Chief Human Resources Officer, Maria Cruz Pemán on how to ensure talent management that includes gender equity. Register for free here.

  • Second session will be on October 13 on the importance of supprting healthcare systems that prioritize women and girls. Register for free here.

    To learn more about Mujeres de Cambio and how to join, click here.


    The latest virtual event of this initiative was the Hackatón 2020: Mujeres y Niñas post COVID-19 (Hackaton 2020: women and girls in the post COVID-19 era) where 77 experts in health care, safety, environment, economy, entrepreneurship and technology gathered virtually to collaborate and exchange innovative ideas that respond to the long-term impact of the pandemic on women and girls.

    In Latin America, there is little doubt that the pandemic has disproportionately affected women and girls. Many have been left unemployed and with no access to health care. Gender-based violence has drastically increased as stay-at-home orders have been put in place. And many women micro-entrepreneurs, including those who work in the informal sector, have had to shut down their businesses.

    Around 1,700 people participated at these events creating 452 teams that worked together to provide solutions to advance gender equity. 80% of participants were women and 20% were men.